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People & Philosophy

A culture where performance matters

As an organization committed to growth & excellence, we aim to build a culture of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Meritocracy and Youthfulness. Our continued growth in size and diversity and our sustained endeavour for excellence induced us to launch many Award programs.

Chairman’s Medallion

Highest award an employee can win, rewarding such employees who go beyond the call of duty to display exemplary achievement in his/ her work.

Made the Difference Award

'Made the Difference Award' acknowledges employees who go the 'extra mile' in making a huge impact on business and recognizes their significant contributions in achieving the Company's business.

High Performers Club

The 'High Performers' Club award embodies our value of 'Meritocracy' & recognizes the 'Best of the Best' from both Sales & Non-Sales functions across the organization. It is based on the meritorious contributions of individuals during the financial year.

Excellence Awards

'Excellence Awards' recognizes exceptional performances delivered by individual across Sales and Non-Sales functions.

The Rising Star Award

This award is presented annually to recognize a new member (Management Trainee/ Officer Trainee) who shows exceptional promise.

Foreign Trip Scheme

This award recognizes the super achievers in Sales Channel for superlative performance. This is an annual award for the “team” wherein the employees are rewarded with an International trip.

Well Done Wallets

This is a spot recognition given to our sales promoters for exceptional work. Empty wallets with six slots are provided to each promoter and managers are given blank well done cards. A full wallet earns these sales promoters exciting awards.